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I am a spanish one that love anime stuff, good music and a lot of games.



Pixel World hackathon prototype by Retronator


  • done in 24 hours straight of pixel art and coding with only 3 half hour naps,
  • hand crafted map projection with minimal shape distortion
  • 8 frame walk cycle animations,
  • click around the map to make your person move,
  • other visitors to the site automatically update thanks to Meteor.
  • not much more than that because 24 hours.

Try it out:

Anonymous asked
What do you mean by "Cult of TLOU"?


There is a significant group of people who are otherwise rational people who just go completely insane when TLOU is involved.

The people who look at the (ever increasing) compilations of the not-so-great AI in the game and shriek about bugged copies or how they never saw any of these problems in their 900 playthroughs.

The people who talked shit about 60 FPS and now are instantly praising it (or worse, insisting they’ll play it on the 30 FPS setting for ‘purity’)

It’s mostly focused on neoGAF, it’s genuinely sort of worrying. Some of them actually make me think they’d strike someone who besmirched the game in front of them.